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Animals play such an important part in our lives. As animal lovers we cherish our animal companions and the purpose of this website is to provide a place to post tributes to them, living or over the rainbow bridge.

The idea came to me when I saw so many heart-breaking social media posts from people who had lost their dog, cat, horse, rabbit and having lost many dear animal friends myself over the years I decided to set up this website as a place to memorialize their role in our lives.

"But", I thought, "why wait until they're no longer with us? Why not celebrate their lives now?" So I expanded the concept to include animal champions, animal heroes, service animals. therapy animals - whatever role these beloved animals are playing in our life.

If you would like to post a tribute to your animal friend, it's easy! Just go to Submit Your Tribute where you'll find instructions and a form to enter your text and upload your images.

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